Terms and Conditions

At Tip we apply a simple rule. Would we do it to our kids? Or for that matter to any kids. If not, it’s off the cards. To make it clear what this means for our relationship here are our plain language Terms of use. Read our ten promises below or skip to our three asks at the end. Ts and Cs for the £100 Amazon Voucher prize draw are at the very bottom. 

First, Our Ten Promises

  1. To keep your data safe.

We take your data seriously. We’ve written a full Privacy Policy to tell you how. In short, it highlights that we only collect data that is valid and needed to improve your experience with Tip, we keep this data safe with systems to ensure you remain anonymous and protected, and you have the right to remove your data at any time. Read the full policy here.

  1. We won’t clog your inbox

During this closed beta, we’ll only send you emails to verify your registration, inform you about the status of your tips (each tip is verified by a practitioner on Team Tip “team” before it goes live), or if required to do so by law. These emails will always come from awesome@hellotip.org

  1. To never send your data to others

We’ve all been burnt before, we promise never ever to send your personally identifiable data to anyone else. That means no names, emails, location data or any answers to the questions you share with Tip.

We will use this data to serve you with tips that are more relevant to you, which might mean bringing new experts to the team who will help us use your data in more and more clever ways. We may also use this data to serve you with content (in the Tip app) from companies, charities, and brands who you’ll love but we’ll never hand anything over to them, invite them to spam you or give them access to information that isn’t totally nameless or impossible to identify you by. Read our full privacy policy here

  1. We only collect what we need to deliver a great service

Tip is all about getting to know you. All of the data we’ll capture during this closed beta will go towards helping us understand how we can match the right parents with the right tips and the right time.

That means we’ll ask you questions about yourself. Some will be used to serve you with better tips in this closed beta, some will be used to spot patterns to improve Tip in the future, some to improve the language we use, some to see if we’re having a positive impact on your life and other to prove to future partners and funders that Tip is working for parents, and is worth their continued support. Your data cannot be used to personally identify you and will never be used to discriminate against you.

  1. We’ll never sell your data

We hope that what we learn from Tip will be able to help others deliver better services to parents like you. However, we’ll never do this by selling you out. This means your email address won’t end up on email lists. We may, however, enable advertisers to provide you with relevant content – if (and only if) it will deliver a better overall experience to you.

  1. We will remove trolls, rude people and bots

We love most things. But Trolling, judgement, offensive language, marketing spam, and bots aren’t among them. We will remove profiles that appear to be any of these immediately. If you know you’ve been removed unfairly, because you are not a troll, a rude person or a bot please let us know. We apologise in advance and hope you’ll forgive us if we make this mistake.

  1. We’ll work hard to keep Tip safe

We bring evidence and experience into one place with Tip because we believe they’re better together. It’s a risk because…you know…the internet. But we’re committed to giving both parents and professionals a space to share valuable nuggets that can support others as they become parents. That means that in this closed beta, every professional and parent tip will be vetted by a hand selected group of kick-ass practitioners from NCT. 

They’ll remove any tips they feel are damn right dangerous and tag everything else as based on evidence, based on experience or not typically recommended. We hope this provides a clear, non-judgemental way for you to make your own informed decisions on the site and we are eager to hear what you think.

  1. Our Practitioners Are Awesome

We’ve hand-selected six awesome NCT Practitioners for Tip. They’re all trained by NCT, all have at least 3 years of experience in giving parents the best antenatal and postnatal support they can get. They’re all excited, passionate and totally awesome.

Plus, they’ve been vetted for being 100% judgement free. They’re also trained to make sure you and all of the other parents on Tip are safe so they reserve the right to remove people or tips, and to contact you directly (through the website or if needed directly via your email) if they have a reason to be concerned and want to make sure you’re OK.

  1. You always have the right to leave

We’d obviously hate to see you leave. Does anyone love goodbyes? However, if you decide you want to leave we’ll totally support you. Just press delete my account in your profile and we’ll delete all your data and any tips you’ve posted from our servers and systems. If you have trouble with this contact us at awesome@helloip.org. Read more in our full Privacy Policy

  1. We will always have your best interests at heart

Tip is a partnership between Shift and NCT, to charities committed to making sure parents are totally supported during pregnancy and beyond. We promise to stand by this and act in the best interest of parents across the UK.

Our Three Asks

  1. Keep Tip for Parents

By signing up you are confirming that you’re expecting a baby or are the parent of a child under 2. This helps us keep Tip a platform for parents. I know a lot of non-parents are also interested to have a sneak peek but if that’s the case please get in contact instead. We’re excited to share what we’ve built and will set up a time to give you a tour. Also, if you’re a practitioner and want to be a part of what we’re cooking up at Tip, get in touch. We’re at awesome@hellotip.co.uk

  1. Be Kind

We want you guys to really love Tip. We’ve created it to be a mini-break from the chaos and clutter of the web, and want to do our best to keep it judgement free. Our team are on hand but we really, really need your help to make it work. This doesn’t mean not being passionate or speaking your mind but it does mean remembering that we’re all different and are all trying to do our best.

  1. If in doubt, please refer back to our one simple rule.

Team Tip xx



Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

1. To be eligible for this Prize Draw you must be pregnant or have at least one a child under the age of 2 years old at the time of voting, and provide your email at the end of the feedback form

2. You can’t enter this prize draw if you’re an employee, agency or freelancer at Shift or NCT

3. By entering the Prize Draw you’re indicating that you accept these Terms and Conditions

4. Shift and NCT will use your personal information only for the purpose of this project. This will include contacting you to take part in research or to send you promotional material of or related to TIP. You can unsubscribe at any time

5. To enter the Prize Draw, you need to complete the Tip Feedback Form. You must then complete the voting form and submit your name and email address. If you have any questions about how to enter get in touch at awesome@hellotip.org

6. You can only enter this Prize Draw once. Entering more than once will disqualify you from the draw

7. The Prize Draw will close at midnight (23.59) 4 January 2019.  Any entries submitted after this time will not be eligible

9. We’ll choose one winner at random from the draw of eligible entries. The draw will take place on 11 January 2019

10. If you’re the winner, you’ll hear from us within 1 month of the draw and will be notified by email. We’ll ask you to send confirmation and then send you your prize. If your email bounces, or if we don’t receive confirmation from you within 7 days, you’ll lose your prize and we’ll automatically select another winner

11. Once a winner has been confirmed (as we mentioned in paragraph 10) they’ll receive a £100 Amazon Voucher which will be delivered via email. This isn’t exchangeable, transferable and cannot be traded for a cash equivalent

12. Any other questions, let us know at awesome@hellotip.org